What You Should Know About Workers Comp Insurance in North Carolina

Workers compensation insurance helps injured workers receive the care they need after an accident on-the-job. This coverage is the responsibility of the employer to provide and reduces time off from work and productivity issues for the company as well as the benefits for the worker. There are certain occasions that require help from a workers comp attorney Mebane NC when you’re injured. There is plenty to understand about this coverage, including the details below.

workers comp attorney Mebane NC

When you’re injured on the job or suffer accident or illness as result of the actions performed at work, you qualify for workers comp. This includes asbestos related incidents and other serious medical conditions. The insurance isn’t simply provided when you’re injured, of course, and you need to notify your supervisor of your injuries and fill out an incident report as quickly as possible. It is als important that medical treatment is ought soon after the accident.

Workers comp time limits do apply. You have only 21 days to report the accident. If you wait longer than this time, no compensation insurance is available. The time limits in place start on the day of the accident. You will need to go to a doctor if you are filing a medical claim for workers compensation. Some people think that the employer chooses the doctor they visit, but this information is untrue and you can select your own provider if your employer doesn’t provide a list of six or more medical providers.

An attorney can help if you’ve been denied workers comp claims or need other types of assistance in the application process. They’ll speak to you at no cost during a consultation and help you learn your options and the best steps to take next. Do not travel this road alone.