The Benefits of a Collaborative Divorce

A collaborative divorce is where both parties are mutually agreeable to what will occur as part of the separation. For a collaborative divorce lawyer Johnson County KS to be able to help you, however, there are a few things which need to be decided in an agreeable manner. This is important. The two parties cannot have major disagreeing opinions, nor can they be arguing amongst themselves.

collaborative divorce lawyer Johnson County KS

There are many benefits to this kind of divorce. For starters, it is much simpler and less dramatic than going through a drawn-out court process where the two parties are arguing amongst themselves over who gets what. It is also much quicker, and builds a better relation moving into the future post-divorce.

The biggest benefit is to those with children. All too often, children get caught up in the middle of a divorce, where they are used as pawns against the other party. This is totally unnecessary, and custody agreements can be peacefully reached outside the courtroom when the previously married couple is willing to negotiate.

To ensure a collaborative divorce lawyer can assist in your divorce, the following must occur:

·    Both parties must be willing to work together for the good of the family unit, versus the typical “I win, and you lose” approach

·    Parties must be willing to compromise in a give and take outcome over all physical assets – including vehicles, homes, and any items contained therein

·    Parties must be willing to negotiate the custody of any children without resorting to litigation.

·    Each involved person must be willing to make compromises and sacrifices for the good of the family unit

Many people can use a collaborative divorce to avoid litigation. It’s a much better situation for everyone involved. If you think you and your previous partner could utilize collaborative divorce proceedings, contact a professional in your area for more information.